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[SSL VPN] Known Issues and limitations when using the built-in (web based) File Browsing access mechanism

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Knowledge Base ID: KB11502
Last Updated: 21 Aug 2013
Version: 5.0

Known Issues and limitations when using the built-in File Browsing access mechanism

Problem or Goal:
  • File upload size restrictions:
    • End users cannot upload more than 500 MB in a single transaction.
    • The maximum limit for all simultaneous uploads is 1 GB. So for example, you can only have 5 users, each uploading 200 MB, at any point in time
  • File download size restrictions:
    • Single file download functionality: End users cannot download a file of size greater than 2 GB.
    • Multiple file download functionality: Same restrictions as defined in the above file upload size restrictions section.
  • When downloading a Japanese file on a Windows Mobile 5.0 device, the filename is corrupted. This is due to a problem on WM 5.0.
  • With the clientless file browsing feature, when downloading a file that has a .tar.gz extension, the filename will contain square brackets.
  • On Mac OS 9.2/Netscape 4.79, when uploading a file that contains a space in its name, the IVE will replace the space with a % character.
  • When a file with Japanese characters in the filename is opened right after the download, the filename looks corrupted. This is due to the IE browser not honoring the content-disposition header when the file is opened directly.

To work around the file size restrictions use an alternate access mechanism like WSAM or Network Connect.


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