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Citrix Terminal Services does not work in Windows Vista

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Knowledge Base ID: KB11562
Last Updated: 24 Aug 2011
Version: 6.0


Citrix Terminal Services offers administrators an option to upload ICA clients to the appliance at Users > User Roles > Role > Terminal Services > Options > Citrix client delivery method > Downloaded from the IVE.  Once you upload the client, the IVE downloads it to your users’ systems when necessary.

The purpose of this option is to DOWNLOAD ICA client on a users workstation for installation if users do not have an ICA client already installed.

Note: Although the ICA client is downloaded, users must have admin privileges for installation even if the Juniper installer service is installed as the Citrix ICA client is from a third party vendor and is not developed by Juniper Networks.  The Juniper installer service is designed to install and upgrade only Juniper SSL VPN's client programs and does not support third party vendor applications. 

Problem or Goal:
If a pre-10.0 version of the Citrix ActiveX control is uploaded, Citrix Terminal Services will NOT work in Windows Vista as ONLY ICA client version 10.x and above support Windows Vista.

Upload Citrix ICA client version 10.x and above.


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