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Receiving error - Failed to launch the required plugin during ACE Authentication using Soft ID Token with Juniper SA device

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Knowledge Base ID: KB15914
Last Updated: 10 Aug 2011
Version: 4.0

Receiving error - Failed to launch the required plugin during ACE Authentication using Soft ID Token with Juniper SA device

Problem or Goal:
Receiving error - Failed to launch the required plugin when SoftID Sign in Template is used to log into the SA SSLVPN
  • You have assigned your ACE server to your User Realm (User Realms > [Your Realm])

  • You have downloaded the SoftID from Admin UI under Signing In > Sign-In Pages > Upload Custom Pages and uploaded it as a custom page.

  • Assigned the your SoftID custom page to your sign in URL (Signing In > Sign-In Policies > [Your URL])

  • Launch sign in page from your Internet Explorer (IE) browser and receive an error

In older versions of code the IVE OS would fallback to the default sign in page if the SoftID software was not installed.  However, this behavior was changed because of a fix (383746, 384240) in IVE OS 6.0R7, 6.1R4, and 6.2R2 and up.  This fix prevents Sign in Pages from going into an infinite loop on Vista / IE7 when the SoftID software is not installed. Therefore, we removed the fallback behavior to prevent the infinite loop and made it mandatory to have RSA Software installed if using the SoftID pages.

As a result, in case of SoftID pages, here is the current expected behavior:
  • When you press cancel, you should be redirected to the logout page and not again to the default sign-in page.
  • If the RSA Software token plug-in isn’t installed then an install failure message should get displayed.

If you already have the SoftID software Installed, this issue is can occur if you have not installed the RSA Web Browser plug-in for Internet Explorer. The SoftID sign in page can not run the RSA web browser plugin if it had not been installed prior.  To resolve this issue, you will need your original installer for RSA SecurID Token. Then follow the steps below:
  1. Please uninstall your RSA SecurID Token from Add/Remove Programs (Start > Control Panel > Add/Removed Programs)

  2. Run your RSA installer and select Custom Install

  3. Under Web Browser Plug-In, choose "This feature, and all subfeatures, will be installed on local hard drive"

  4. Once the install is complete try to launch the SoftID sign-in page again from Internet Explorer. When prompt to run the add-on from RSA Security, right click on the yellow bar and click Run ActiveX Control

  5. Another prompt  to run your ActiveX is displayed. Choose Run

  6. You should now see your RSA SecurID token prompt


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