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WSAM Proxy users are getting disconnected due to Proxy Idle time-out and not prompted for proxy credentials.

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Knowledge Base ID: KB17048
Last Updated: 05 Apr 2010
Version: 1.0

Windows Secure Application Manager (WSAM) Users using a proxy configuration to access the Secure Access are getting disconnected.  The authenticated proxy session is configured for an idle timeout, the limit when reached causes the proxy to disconnect.  The WSAM clients are unable to make any further connections or initiate another proxy authentication dialog box.

Problem or Goal:
Users are authenticate to a proxy server configured on the browser to access Internet Sites; the proxy server is configured for an idle timeout. Once authenticated they access the Secure Access WSAM session. The idle time limit is reached causing the Proxy Server to disconnect the client session and in turn causes the WSAM disconnection.

In the scenario where a user is not running a WSAM session, when a proxy session idle times the user out the user is prompted to enter the proxy server credentials on the next HTTP/HTTPS request. On successful validation of proxy credentials the user is able to access the URL's again.

In the scenario when a WSAM session is running, on a proxy session idle timeout the user is not prompted to enter the proxy credentials again.

WSAM currently supports proxy authentication prompt only in the beginning of the session when WSAM is initialized and the session is established.  It does not support proxy authentication in the middle of the session.  When the proxy idle timeout limit is reached and WSAM is disconnected, the user needs to close and restart the WSAM session to re-authenticate to the proxy.


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