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What is the difference between SRX-MP-1SFP and SRX-MP-1SFP-GE mPIMs?

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Last Updated: 10 May 2016
Version: 7.0


SRX-MP-1SFP and SRX-MP-1SFP-GE mPIMs are both 1-port SFP GE mPIMs for SRX2xx platforms. What are the differences between them?

Problem or Goal:

This applies to the following models/part numbers.

  • SRX-MP-1SFP / 750-029145
  • SRX-MP-1SFP-GE / 750-032730

SRX mPIMs are applicable to the following platforms.

  • SRX210
  • SRX220
  • SRX240



The SRX-MP-1SFP-GE is meant to replace the original SRX-MP-1SFP mPIMs. Both can support the same SFP optic modules. Below are some of the differences between the two models.

  • Supported since Junos OS 9.5
  • Supported on SRX210 and SRX240, not supported on SRX220
  • Cannot be used as member of reth interface in a chassis cluster
  • No jumbo frame support
  • Limited to 100Mbps due to limitation of port connection to backplane
  • Cannot be used for fabric link in a chassis cluster

  • Supported since Junos OS 10.4
  • Supported on SRX210, SRX220 and SRX240
  • Can be used as member of reth interface in a Chassis Cluster
  • Supports jumbo frames up to MTU 9010 bytes
  • GE backplane connection to allow near 1GB line rate
  • For SRX Series Chassis Clusters made up of SRX100, SRX210, SRX220, SRX240 devices, SFP interfaces on Mini-PIMs cannot be used as the fabric link.  


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