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[SSL VPN] Juniper components may hang on the 'Please Wait...' page if McAfee On-Access Scanner is installed

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Knowledge Base ID: KB21409
Last Updated: 20 Sep 2011
Version: 2.0

Juniper components such as the Juniper Networks Setup Client, Host Checker (HC), Windows Secure Application Manager (WSAM), Network Connect(NC), Terminal Services(TS) and so on, may hang on the 'Please Wait...' page, if McAfee On-Access Scanner is installed.

Problem or Goal:
This issue occurs, if the McAfee On-Access Scanner is enabled and times out when scanning a Juniper directory. In this example, the McAfee On-Access Scanner has timed out while scanning files within the Juniper Host Checker directory and prevented Host Checker from running.

Users can confirm the occurrence of this issue by checking the Windows Application Event Log. An event is generated in this log to note that the scan timed out on a file within the Juniper directory.  

As per McAfee, this behavior does not indicate a software malfunction and is working as designed. For more information on scan timeouts see  McAfee KB55869 - Why do scan timeouts occur?.

Alternatively, users can create an On-Access Scanner exception within McAfee for the affected Juniper directories. for more information on creating the applicable client directories, see the relevant Juniper Client Side Changes Guide. To find the relevant document:
  1. Navigate to the following URL:

  2. Select the appropriate SA version (Ex. 7.1).

  3. Select the Client Side Changes Guide link under the Guides section.


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