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[SSL VPN] SharePoint 2007 users are unable to update a document when accessing with Office 2010 through rewrite access

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Knowledge Base ID: KB21454
Last Updated: 27 Jan 2012
Version: 2.0

This article describes the issue of SharePoint 2007 users being unable to update a document when accessing with Office 2010, through rewrite access.

Problem or Goal:
Customer has published, through rewrite access, an Excel document through SharePoint 2007, and users are unable to update the document when accessing from Office 2010. Users are able to update when using any other Office version.

Users receive a pop-up message from the 'Microsoft Upload Center' which is a part of Office 2010 installation:

Upload Failed. Your changes were saved but could not be uploaded because of an error. You may be able to upload this file using the server Web page.

To resolve the issue, perform the following procedure:
  1. Go to Resource Policies > Web > Rewriting > Custom Headers > (if 'Custom Headers' is not visible, click Customize on the right top to enable the view).
  2. Create a new policy with the Resource as <fully qualified domain name of the SharePoint server:*/*> (for example*/* ).
  3. Create the action as Allow Custom Headers.
  4. Apply the settings to the required roles.
Note: - This does not interrupt any functionality of the same server, as it just allows Custom Headers, if any, for any request towards this server.


By default, the IVE rewriting engine only sends selected custom headers to browsers (clients) and backend servers. However, custom header resource policies can be used to allow or deny custom headers for specific resources.


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