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[SSL VPN] Firefox 7.0.1 - Java delivery (Host Checker, Secure Meeting) stops working after Firefox upgrade

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Knowledge Base ID: KB22127
Last Updated: 12 Dec 2011
Version: 4.0

This article describes the issue of certain Juniper client side components not being launched, when the Mozilla Firefox web browser is upgraded to version 7.0.1.

Problem or Goal:
The Mozilla Firefox web browser repeatedly prompts users to download the JuniperSetupClientInstaller.exe file, instead of launching the Juniper client component (Host Checker, Secure Meeting, and so on). The image below illustrates the issue:

The issue is caused by failure in attempting to detect the Java runtime, after certain code changes were made in Mozilla Firefox 7.0.1. Even if Java is installed, it is not being detected properly by the Juniper client delivery mechanism. 

The following OS and components are affected:

  • Secure Meeting: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.

  • Host Checker: Windows Vista, Windows 7.

  • One immediate solution with the current IVE OS is to use a supported browser version, such as Mozilla Firefox 3.x or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

  • Upgrading the Juniper Secure Access gateway from an earlier version to IVE OS 7.1R5 resolves the issue.

  • Upgrading the Mozilla Firefox browser to version 8.0 also resolves the issue.


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