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[SSL VPN/MAG] Juniper Terminal Services could not be initialized properly

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Knowledge Base ID: KB22846
Last Updated: 16 Mar 2012
Version: 2.0

This article describes the issue of the Juniper services not being to properly initialize.

Problem or Goal:
Users receive the following error message with Windows Vista and Windows 7 clients:

Error: Juniper Terminal Services Client could not be initialized properly. Click OK to exit and retry. If the problem persists, please contact Administrator.


To resolve the issue, perform the following procedure:
  1. Make sure that the Active X controls and plug-ins are enabled in the browser. Go to IE > Tools > Internet options > Security > Custom Level, and enable the ActiveX controls and plug-ins option.

  2. Mozilla Firefox does not support Active X. However, Java can be enabled. Go to Firefox > Tools > Options > Content, and enable JavaScript.

    Note: To successfully install Juniper components, Active X controls need to be enabled on the Browser and pop-up blocker should be turned off.  

  3. Ensure that dstermserv.exe is not blocked by your anti-virus or firewall program. You can add the dstermserv.exe file to the anti-virus or firewall exclusion list.

  4. The User Account control in Windows Vista and Windows 7 clients, blocks dstermserv.exe; assuming that it is a suspicious file.

    dstermserv.exe implements the Juniper Terminal Services. You can lower the User Account Control settings to allow dstermserv.exe to be function.


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