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Resolution Guide - Troubleshooting Network Connect (NC) Initial Launch / Install issues

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Knowledge Base ID: KB9090
Last Updated: 09 Mar 2012
Version: 12.0


This step-by-step troubleshooting document covers the common issues related to installing or launching the Juniper Network Connect (NC) client.

Problem or Goal:

The Network Connect installation is failing in one of several ways:

  • The installation hangs
  • Receiving an error message during installation
  • Installation failed
  • Upgrade failed
  • Network connect won't install



To view the flowchart for the steps listed below, select:  KB9090 Flowchart

Use the following steps to assist with resolving the installation issue: 

  Are you receiving a error message??

  Is the user currently on a supported platform?  Consult:  KB9212 - How can I verify if my client platform (OS/Browser) is qualified or compatible to access the SA SSLVPN

  • YES - Continue with Step 3
  • NO  - Please switch to a supported client before proceeding to Step 3.

  Does the User have the required permissions to install and run SA SSL VPN client components?  Consult:   KB9085 - What are the required permissions to install and run the SA SSLVPN client components?

   Did you confirm your browser is configured to allow the SA SSLVPN client component to install?  

  Have you allowed Juniper Setup Control to run? 

  Are you using a client Antivirus / Firewall?  

  Collect logs and open a case with JTAC (consult KB9218: What client side logs will be required when I open a Network Connect (NC) or Junos Pulse VPN case?)


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