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[SA Series] Resolution Guide - Troubleshooting Launching/Establishing a Connection with Network Connect

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Knowledge Base ID: KB9306
Last Updated: 28 Feb 2014
Version: 16.0


After the installation of Network Connect, sometimes there are issues with launching or establishing a connection using Network Connect.  This article outlines the steps to help in troubleshooting.

Problem or Goal:

Users are receiving an error stating that the secure gateway denied the connection. What is causing this issue?



To view the flowchart for the steps listed below, select:  KB9306 Flowchart

Use the following steps to assist with resolving issues related to Launching/Establishing a connection with Network Connect (NC):

  Are you receiving an error message?

  Is the user currently on a supported platform?  

Consult:  KB9212 - [SSL VPN/MAG] VPN tunneling client platforms supported with SSL VPN

  • YES - Continue to Step 3
  • NO  - Please switch to a supported client before proceeding to Step 3.

  Checked if any changes have been made to the NCP settings?

  Did Network Connect obtain an IP address?

  Are you using a Proxy?

  • NO  - Skip to Step 6.

  Are you using a client Antivirus / Firewall?

  Collect Server Side Logs.  Consult: KB22509 - What server side logs will be required when I open a Network Connect case? (Login required.)

  Collect Client Logs and Open a Case with JTAC. Consult:  KB9218: What client side logs will be required when I open a Network Connect (NC) or Junos Pulse VPN case? (Login required.)


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