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Unread KB28461 [VXA] Redirecting port 80 traffic to Junos Content Encore (JCE) 323,629 Mar 5, 2017
Unread KB28533 [VXA] Command line upgrade examples for Junos Content Encore 236,681 Mar 5, 2017
Unread KB28284 [VXA/Junos Content Encore] How to manually calculate the bandwidth savings for a particular namespace 226,749 Mar 5, 2017
Unread KB28551 [Junos Content Encore/VXA] What does the Current Application Bandwidth statistic represent in show namespace counters? 275,012 Mar 5, 2017
Unread KB23274 [Junos Content Encore - JCE (formerly MFC)] JCE hashing algorithm 112,475 Mar 4, 2017
Unread KB26011 [Junos Content Encore - JCE (formerly MFC)] and NTLM related issues 118,092 Mar 5, 2017
Unread KB28535 [Junos Content Encore (MFC)] How to control the number of access logs saved in versions earlier than 12.2.x 133,133 Mar 5, 2017
Unread KB23835 [Junos Content Encore (formerly MFC)] Objects are not deleted from the RAM cache even when their object cache threshold value has expired 93,924 Mar 4, 2017
Unread KB23319 [Junos Content Encore (Formerly MFC)] how to verify if the regex statement is correct 96,343 Mar 4, 2017
Unread KB26180 [Junos Content Encore (formerly MFC)] How to use the policy engine to block users 137,427 Mar 5, 2017
Unread KB23815 [Junos Content Encore (formerly MFC)] how to use tcpdump to capture specific packets from existing traffic flows 120,199 Mar 4, 2017
Unread KB26164 [Junos Content Encore (formerly MFC)] How to modify the cache-control policy without changing what the origin sends or the client receives 146,901 Mar 5, 2017
Unread KB25875 [Junos Content Encore (formerly MFC)/VXA] How to manually delete an object from the cache of a JCE/VXA device 208,486 Mar 4, 2017
Unread KB15585 [Archive] How to reliably and securely FTP files to JTAC 617,603 303 days ago
Unread KB26242 [ADC] How to telnet into NPU of MS-DPC and take a packet capture 91,170 Mar 5, 2017
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