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UnreadPublished Published JSA10749 IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Crafted Packet Denial of Service Vulnerability (CVE-2016-1409) 1,337,327 Aug 13, 2018
UnreadPublished Published JSA10403 A number of NAT/PAT devices effectively defeat the DNS source port randomization feature that was implemented to address DNS Cache Poisoning (CERT/CC VU#800113, CVE-2008-1447). 431,291 Mar 5, 2017
UnreadPublished Published JSA10384 Domain Name Service (DNS) servers can cache "spoofed" results (CERT/CC VU#800113, CVE-2008-1447) 1,352,342 Mar 5, 2017
UnreadPublished Published JSA10671 2015-01 Out of Cycle Security Bulletin: GHOST glibc gethostbyname() buffer overflow vulnerability (CVE-2015-0235) 3,002,716 Mar 5, 2017
UnreadPublished Published JSA10767 2016-10 Security Bulletin: JUNOSe: Line Card Reset: processor exception 0x68616c74 (halt) task: scheduler, upon receipt of crafted IPv6 packet (CVE-2016-4925) 434,254 Oct 11, 2016
UnreadPublished Published JSA10651 2014-10 Security Bulletin: JunosE: SRP Reset upon receipt of a malformed ICMP packet when icmpTraffic logging is enabled (CVE-2014-6377) 247,062 Dec 15, 2015
UnreadPublished Published JSA10582 2013-07 Out of Cycle Security Bulletin: Multiple products: OSPF protocol vulnerability (CVE-2013-0149) 354,585 Aug 21, 2013
UnreadPublished Published JSA10539 2012-10 Security Bulletin: JunosE: SRP reset when E Series router receives a malformed IP Option 226,302 Oct 9, 2012
UnreadPublished Published JSA10541 2012-10: Routing and Switching: Security Advisories Released 256,580 Oct 9, 2012
UnreadPublished Published JSA10409 Line card may reset on receiving a crafted BFD Control packet 227,697 Sep 18, 2009
UnreadPublished Published JSA10397 JUNOSe tears down BGP session when receiving an UPDATE message with AS4_PATH attribute containing illegal AS_CONFED_SEQUENCE or AS_CONFED_SET types 203,475 Mar 24, 2009
UnreadPublished Published JSA10356 IKE version 1 vulnerability issues resulting from OUSPG ISAKMP Test Suite (NISCC/ISAKMP/273756) 550,864 Jun 18, 2008
UnreadPublished Published JSA10360 NISCC Vulnerability #144154: PROTOS c09-dns-response test tool (144154/NISCC/DNS) 213,650 Jun 18, 2008
UnreadPublished Published JSA10381 Non-RFC1112 compliant multicast packets sent to management Ethernet port can cause an SRP reset. 217,975 Jun 17, 2008
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