Potential JUNOS CLI Security vulnerabilities

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All releases of JUNOS software released prior to April 11, 2002

Several minor security-related errors exist in versions of JUNOS software released prior to April 11, 2002. Some of the utilities used to process CLI commands do not properly validate command arguments; as a result, if the user provides certain invalid arguments, the commands do not work correctly and generate incorrect results.

Additionally, in some situations the file command does not adequately verify that its filename argument has a valid length, leading to a buffer-overflow condition.

These coding errors belong to a class of errors that have resulted in security vulnerabilities in other software. However, Juniper Networks considers it unlikely that these errors in JUNOS software can be exploited.

These bugs are documented as PR/23571 and PR/23573.


Argument checking is improved for all affected commands. The corrected code is included in all releases of JUNOS software released on or after April 11, 2002.


To obtain corrections for these errors, upgrade the JUNOS software to a version released on or after April 11, 2002.

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None of these errors can be triggered remotely; they all require that the user be logged in to the router using a valid username and password. No known security exploit of these errors has been identified.