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Changes in ftp software download from outside the company

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Anonymous FTP users from outside the company
Due to US government requirements, we will stop distributing JUNOS Internet software via FTP effective August 17, 2001. We are setting up a secure Web server,, from which customers will download JUNOS images. All customer-accessible software needs to be placed in the /volume/download directory, from which it will be synced to the Web server. This system is scheduled to go live on August 17, 2001 (at 5.0R1 deployment).

The following section highlights changes which will affect customers:

  1. Released software will be available from the same Web pages it's available from now: and The links on these pages will point to, instead of

  2. JUNOS software distribution with encryption software will be under, whereas, JUNOS exportable software distribution will be under

  3. JUNOS daily software distribution will be available on Customers will be required to log in with their login, and they will need to know the exact URL of the file, since we will not allow directory listings, users will only be able to acquire files that JTAC tells them about.

  4. URLs for dailies will be of the form:

  5. Beta customers will continue to go to: However the actual images will be at:

  6. Users will NOT be able to directly upgrade their Juniper Networks routers from the Web site, because the URL mechanism does not recognize the https: format. Users will need to download the software to their own servers and serve the files (via ftp or scp) or otherwise copy the files to the router.

  7. To make a file available to a customer, JTAC can place the file into the following UNIX directory: /volume/download/docroot/software/junos/specials. If the file is not subjected to export control, it can be placed into /volume/download/docroot/software/junos-export/specials.
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