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Crafted IPv6 messages can crash the Routing Engine (VU#110947)

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All routing platforms running JUNOS software releases 7.3 through 8.4 (inclusive) built prior to December 8, 2007.
Due to an error in managing packet buffers, a crafted IPv6 message can trigger an invalid memory reference in the Routing Engine kernel, resulting in a crash.

This issue is tracked in PR/264612.
All JUNOS software built on or after December 8, 2007 has been corrected to properly manage IPv6 packet buffers. JUNOS releases 8.5R1 and beyond are NOT susceptible to this vulnerability because a revised IPv6 protocol stack was implemented.
Customers running IPv6 networks on JUNOS software releases between 7.3 and 8.4 (inclusive) are strongly urged to update their routers to a version of JUNOS software that contains the corrected code. There is no work-around for this issue.
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This vulnerability can be remotely exploited with tools that are readily available.