Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) in the JUNOS web management console allows unauthorized access.

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All JUNOS platforms running the J-Web management module.
A Cross Site scripting vulnerability has been found in the JUNOS web management console. Any JUNOS router using the J-Web management module is potentially impacted, but this issue impacts a narrow range of JUNOS versions.
Upgrade to JUNOS 8.5 Service Release 20081017, 9.0R4.1, or 9.1 or higher.
  • The problem was introduced in JUNOS 8.5. No images before 8.5 are vulnerable.
  • JUNOS 9.1 and higher does not have this issue. The web code was replaced, updated, and tested. It has been validated as to not be vulnerable.
 Acknowledgement: This issue was externally found by Ezhilan Panneerselvam, reported to Juniper's SIRT Team, and managed under responsible disclosure guidelines.

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Potential risk where the XSS could grant access to password protected area of the web management console.