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No Scheduled SIRT Security Bulletins for February 2010

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The Juniper Networks Security Incident Response Team (SIRT) will not publish any Security Advisories or Security Notices on its regularly-scheduled publication date of February 3, 2010. The advisories or notices, if any were to be published, would have focused on the Network and Content Management functional product area.

The next scheduled disclosure date is March 3, 2010, and the focus will be on the Security, Access, and Acceleration functional product area.

The next scheduled disclosure date for Network and Content Management products is May 5, 2010.

Although candidate issues were considered, none met the SIRT-defined criteria for sufficient criticality or severity in order to be published as SIRT Security Advisories or Security Notices at this time.

Instead, the candidate issues will be processed per Juniper Customer Support's standard processes and will be published to entitled customers as Product Support Notices or Knowledge Base articles as appropriate.

There are no PR references for this bulletin. Information regarding candidate status for any Juniper SIRT issue is kept confidential within Juniper Networks, Inc.

The Juniper SIRT constrains the publication of Security Advisories and Security Notices for non-urgent issues to a predefined schedule of the first Wednesday of each calendar month. Details are provided in KB 16613, "Juniper SIRT's Regularly-Scheduled Security Bulletin Publication Process", available in the Related Links section below.

The Juniper SIRT uses the Common Vulnerability Scoring System version 2 (CVSSv2) to score all reported issues. Information for how Juniper Networks uses CVSS can be found at KB 16446 "Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) and Juniper's Security Advisories", available in the Related Links section below.

More information regarding the Juniper SIRT, including contact information, can be found in the Related Links section.
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