2012-11 Network Management, Identity and Policy Control Security Advisories Released

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Network and Security Manager (NSM)
Steel-Belted Radius Products

A new Network Management, Identity and Policy Control product security advisory bundle has been released. This message contains the link(s) to the new PSN advisories that have been released.

In the interest of speeding the delivery process for SIRT Security Announcements, the Juniper SIRT has implemented a small process change. When the Juniper SIRT publishes Security Advisories and/or Security Notices, a single master PSN (this PSN) will be pushed to subscribed customers which briefly lists the IDs, descriptions, and links for all of the individual Security Announcements being released together on that day.


Please see the following links for more information about the new security advisories:

  1. PSN-2012-11-767: NSM Products: Multiple vulnerabilities in Network and Security Manager
  2. PSN-2012-11-768: Steel-Belted Radius: Multiple OpenSSL Vulnerabilities

Please note that previously released PSN-2012-08-689 has been updated to reflect a corrected list of NSM fixed releases. Refer to PSN-2012-08-689 for more information.
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