2018-01 Security Bulletin: Junos OS: A crafted MPLS packet may lead to a kernel crash (CVE-2018-0003)

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Product Affected:
This issue affects Junos OS 12.1X46, 12.3, 12.3X48, 14.1, 14.1X53, 14.2, 15.1, 15.1X49, 15.1X53, 16.1, 16.1X65, 16.2, 17.1, 17.2, 17.2X75.

A specially crafted MPLS packet received or processed by the system, on an interface configured with MPLS, will store information in the system memory. Subsequently, if this stored information is accessed, this may result in a kernel crash leading to a denial of service.

Affected releases are Juniper Networks Junos OS:

  • 12.1X46 versions prior to 12.1X46-D71;
  • 12.3 versions prior to 12.3R12-S7;
  • 12.3X48 versions prior to 12.3X48-D55;
  • 14.1 versions prior to 14.1R8-S5, 14.1R9;
  • 14.1X53 versions prior to 14.1X53-D45, 14.1X53-D107;
  • 14.2 versions prior to 14.2R7-S7, 14.2R8;
  • 15.1 versions prior to 15.1F5-S8, 15.1F6-S8, 15.1R5-S6, 15.1R6-S3, 15.1R7;
  • 15.1X49 versions prior to 15.1X49-D100;
  • 15.1X53 versions prior to 15.1X53-D65, 15.1X53-D231;
  • 16.1 versions prior to 16.1R3-S6, 16.1R4-S6, 16.1R5;
  • 16.1X65 versions prior to 16.1X65-D45;
  • 16.2 versions prior to 16.2R2-S6, 16.2R3;
  • 17.1 versions prior to 17.1R2-S2, 17.1R3;
  • 17.2 versions prior to 17.2R1-S3, 17.2R2;
  • 17.2X75 versions prior to 17.2X75-D50.

No other Juniper Networks products or platforms are affected by this issue.

Juniper SIRT is not aware of any malicious exploitation of this vulnerability.

This issue was seen in a production network.

This issue has been assigned CVE-2018-0003.


The following software releases have been updated to resolve this specific issue: 12.1X46-D71, 12.3R12-S7, 12.3X48-D55, 14.1R8-S5, 14.1R9, 14.1X53-D45, 14.1X53-D107, 14.2R7-S7, 14.2R8, 15.1F5-S8, 15.1F6-S8, 15.1R5-S6, 15.1R6-S3, 15.1R7, 15.1X49-D100, 15.1X53-D65, 15.1X53-D231, 16.1R3-S6, 16.1R4-S6, 16.1R5, 16.1R3-S6, 16.1R4-S6, 16.1R5, 16.1X65-D45, 16.2R2-S6, 16.2R3, 17.1R2-S2, 17.1R3, 17.2R1-S3, 17.2R2, 17.2X75-D50, 17.3R1, and all subsequent releases.

This issue is being tracked as 1276786 which is visible on the Customer Support website.

Note: Juniper SIRT's policy is not to evaluate releases which are beyond End of Engineering (EOE) or End of Life (EOL).

Disallow MPLS packets from reaching the device.
Remove MPLS configuration stanzas from interface configurations that are at risk.
No other viable workarounds exist for this issue.
Software Releases, patches and updates are available at https://www.juniper.net/support/downloads/.
Modification History:
2018-01-10: Initial publication
2018-01-16: Additional version checking for affected release on 12.3 branch was performed; updating to affect all releases of 12.3 since day-1.
2018-01-16: 16.2R2-S1 removed from solution section
2018-10-12: 16.2R2-S6 added to problem, solution section
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CVSS Score:
6.5 (CVSS:3.0/AV:A/AC:L/PR:N/UI:N/S:U/C:N/I:N/A:H)
Severity Level:
Severity Assessment:
Information for how Juniper Networks uses CVSS can be found at KB 16446 "Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) and Juniper's Security Advisories."