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[ScreenOS] "Illegal escape character" reported for some address object comments

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Address object comments field does not accept \o or \O combinations


When adding a comment for Address objects, if the comment has escape character sequence \O or \o (alphabet "O" - both uppercase and lowercase), an error is displayed saying "Illegal escape character".

For example: 

ns5gt-> set address trust Trust-PC PC\Obrien
                                                  ^-----------Illegal escape character PC\Obrien


The following escape characters are supported on the Juniper firewall:

\\, \?, \o or \O, \n, \r, \t

In addition, the IDP module has a special meaning with the following escape symbols:

x or \X, \[ and \]

Most of the above escape characters have no requirements when used in the Comments field. 
However, the \o and \O escape characters do have the requirement to be defined as \onnn or \Onnn.  The \Onnn (n= 0-7) format may be used in the comments field. This is by design. The reason being is that \o and \O are defined as escape characters for octal numbers and have a requirement to be defined as \onnn (where n is a digital from 0-7). In the name field, the \o or \O is accepted, but it is not accepted in the comment field as they are defined as different variable types.

Therefore, a work-around to the above example would be as follows:

ns5gt-> set address trust Trust-PC PC-Obrien

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2019-09-14: Minor, non-technical update.
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