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How to setup a serial Console connection to the J-series communications port using HyperTerminal

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How to setup a serial Console connection to the J-Series' communications port using HyperTerminal
  • Using a RS232 or RJ45 straight cable to connect from the PC to the J-Series device Console port.
  • Hyperterminal settings
  • Lost the IP address needed to manage the J-Series
Symptoms & Errors:
  • Cannot login to the JWeb to manage the device 

To determine the IP address of the J-Series device, a direct serial console connection is required. 

  1. Physically hook up the console to the J-Series on one end, and hook up the other end to the PC's serial connection. 
  2. Launch HyperTerminal (Located in Start->Programs->Accessories->Communications->HyperTerminal
  3. Create a connection name
  4. On the Connect To screen, on the Connect Using pull down menu, select the appropriate COM port for your PC
  5. Configure the serial settings to:
    1. Bits per second: 9600
    2. Data Bits: 8
    3. Parity: None
    4. Stop Bits: 1
    5. Flow Control: None

After HyperTerminal is set up, hit [Enter] a few times until you get to the login prompt, and login to the box.  To determine the IP address, apply the command

show interfaces terse [Enter]

The above command  will tell you what IP address you need to connect to.  Determine which interface you need to reach.  By default interface ge-0/0/0 is reachable for management.

Additional Information:
Any other serial console program can be used; example TeraTerm, etc.
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