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How to enable remote management access to CLI (command line interface) on the EX-series switch

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Remote management access to the router is disabled by default and must be explicitly enabled. Only console access to the router is enabled in a default configuration. This restriction applies to all management access protocols such as telnet, ssh and ftp. The information below describes Telnet and SSH methods and the commands to enable them.

  • To enable telnet session to the switch, type the following commands: 
                user@switch# set system services telnet

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The secure shell (SSH) provides secure encrypted communications over an insecure network and is therefore useful for switch management. The switch needs the Crypto package to enable the SSH service. The Crypto package is installed by default with the 'domestic' JUNOS-ex software package. To verify that the Crypto package is installed, check the 'show version' output on the switch.

  • To enable secure session to the switch, use the following commands:
                user@switch# set system services ssh

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Both access methods allow the user to control the number of allowed connections (connection-limit) and number of allowed connections per minute (rate-limit)

For example:

user@switch# set system services telnet connection-limit 10 rate-limit 4
user@switch# set system services ssh connection-limit 10 rate-limit 4
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