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[ScreenOS] HA LED remains green in Backup with "set nsrp rto-mirror session non-vsi"

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HA LED remains green on the backup firewall after a failover.
Once  the command, set nsrp rto-mirror session non-vsi, is enabled on the firewalls in a NSRP Active/Backup configuration, the HA LED remains green after a failover.
This is expected behavior.  The set nsrp rto-mirror session non-vsi command is used for an Active/Active NSRP environment.

This command forces the devices to sync non-vsi interfaces sessions and will change the active/passive scenario to an active/active scenario.   This is why the steady green HA LED is shown on both the devices.

To restore the correct HA LED behavior, do either of the following:
  • Remove this command, unset nsrp rto-mirror session non-vsi , and restart the device.
  • Run the commands on the backup firewall. The HA LED will behave as normal active-backup mode.
    unset nsrp cluster id
    set nsrp cluster id <cluster id>
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