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Are there certification training centers in the Latin America region?

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The Juniper Networks Technical Certification Program (JNTCP) consists of platform-specific, multi-tiered tracks, which enable participants to demonstrate, through a combination of written proficiency exams and hands-on configuration and troubleshooting exams, competence with Juniper Networks technology. Successful candidates demonstrate thorough understanding of Internet and security technologies and Juniper Networks platform configuration and troubleshooting skills. To get your certification, find a location near you.
I'm located in Latin America and need to get my Juniper Certification.  Are there any certification centers available in my area?

Location centers are located around the world. The list of Latin America centers is shown below, or go to Latin America Training Centers for the most up to date list.

For more information about the certification program, see Juniper Networks Technical Certification Program (JNTCP)

For a complete list of certification centers around the world, browse Education Centers

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