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[Archive][STRM] Recover root password on 2009.2

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How to recover the root password on the Security Threat Response Manager (STRM) which is running version 2009.2

For later versions of STRM, see:
KB11726 - How to recover admin password on STRM/JSA 

Forgot root password and cannot login to console


To recover the root password on an STRM,  boot into single user mode. Follow these steps to boot into single user mode.

  1. During STRM boot up - press "Spacebar"  when prompted for "Press Space to Continue". This will display the GRUB menu
  2. Immediately press 'a' when you see the boot menu.  This has to be done within 2 seconds
  3. Add the following string to the end of current line "runlevel 1"; as shown in the image below:

    ro root=LABEL=/1 console=tty0 console=ttyS0, 9600n8 runlevel 1

  4. Press Enter to continue the boot process
  5. The STRM will boot into single user mode and you will get the prompt  "sh-3.1#".  
  6. Type "passwd" and change the root password
  7. Type "reboot" to restart the STRM device


When STRM boots up it will have the new root password

For 2009.2:

The root password can be recovered by booting the appliance into single user mode. This would drop you into a single user shell where you can reset the password using the 'passwd' utility.   **Note, you will need console access, either via physical keyboard/monitor access, DRAC remote access, or via a kvm/remote kvm.

1. Reboot the console
Connect to the console via one of the methods mentioned above, and request a reboot. 
** Note: You should NOT hold the power button to force a power off, as this will not cleanly shut down the console, causing active offenses to be closed (but visible), and possibly file system corruption on a busy system.

2. Boot into single user mode at the GRUB menu
When you see the boot menu, "GRUB",
a.  choose "Normal System",
b.  choose "GNU/Linux .... (recovery mode)"

3. Let the system boot.
Once it drops to the "sh# " command prompt, you should be able to reset the root password with the "passwd" command:
# passwd root

4. Reboot
Type in the command "exit" to exit the recovery shell. The system will automatically reboot.



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