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Password recovery for Juniper products

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This article lists links to the various documents related to recovering a lost password or resetting the root and admin password for many Juniper Networks products.


Symptoms and Errors:

  • Cannot log in to the device
  • Lost password \ forgot password
  • Change password
  • Asset recovery \ password recovery
  • Need to erase the configuration or reset to factory defaults
  • Root password changed to wrong password
  • Misspelled the root password
  • Configuration is corrupted
  • Recover password
  • Reset password

Select the appropriate product link to view the instructions for recovering or resetting a password:

note: Most of the links require CSC login access.


Product Model Content
Content and Media  Junos Content
 (Media Flow)
 VXA Series
Junos Content Portfolio (Media Flow Solution) [Technical Documentation] In the Administrator Guide, locate “Troubleshooting a Lost Admin Password” section .
Identity & Policy  SBR Series KB18191 - How to reset the initial administrator account for SBR 5.0 and higher
Junos Platform  Junos Space KB17582 - [Junos Space] Password Recovery - How to reset the Junos Space "super" password

KB16905 - Procedure to reset Admin password on Junos Space Appliance

KB16853 - How to reset the Maintenance Password
Network Management    
KB10938 - Password Recovery for CTPView Servers
 NSM KB3529 - HOW TO: Recover Super User Password on NetScreen-Security Manager
 NSMXpress KB11470 - Recovering from lost admin Password on NSMXpress
Router Products  M, MX, T, PTX, ACX Series Recovering the Root Password [Junos Documentation]

KB21503 - Recovering the root password on the MX80 platform
 J Series J-series Recovering the Root Password  [Junos Documentation]
 CTP Devices KB21452 - CTP Password Recovery when running CTPOS 6.x
 E Series E series: System Basics Configuration Guide - Setting and Erasing Passwords [JunosE Series Documentation]
Security Products  FW Series KB5046 - I've lost the password for my Juniper Firewall, how do I Reset the Configuration or Reset a Device to Factory Defaults?
 IDP KB12360 - How to change the IDP admin/root passwords via ACM

KB25993 - [IDP] How to change the IDP admin/root passwords via the CLI
KB10157 - [IVE] Recovering access to the Administrator Console after the Administrator password has been lost.
 SRX Series SRX-series Recovering the Root Password  [Junos Documentation]

KB17565 - [SRX] Root password recovery not working with Junos release versions 10.0R1, 10.0R2, and 10.1R1

KB15725 - SRX Getting Started - Factory Reset (on SRX and J Series devices)
 JSA KB31539 - [JSA] How to reset Web GUI admin password for JSA Series version 2014.X and later

KB34990 - [JSA] Recovering a forgotten or lost root password
 vGW Series (Altor) KB20072 - vGW/Altor Lost Password
Switch Products  EX / QFX Series KB10503 - EX/QFX Switch root password recovery

KB12487 - How to recover the password and configuration for the EX-series Switch Virtual Chassis (VC) setup
Wireless  WLC Series KB20127 - How do I Recover the System Password (WLC)
Customer Support Center  CSC KB11461 - Password Recovery for Customer Support Center (CSC) login password
Modification History:
2019-10-30: Removed reference to WX devices (EOL)
2019-10-05: Updated link for JSA devices
2018-02-13: Updated link associated with CTP Devices
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