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Network Time Protocol Server (NTP) support on Juniper firewalls

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Can a Juniper firewall work as an NTP server for their clients in NAT/Route and Transparent Mode?
In ScreenOS 6.0 and above, the Juniper firewall can be the NTP server.  Note that this new feature is supported in NAT/Route mode.  In transperant mode, the device can work as NTP client but not as an NTP server

Configuration - CLI
To enable/disable the NTP server, enter the commands:
set interface <if_name> ntp-server
unset interface <if_name> ntp-server
set interface eth0/0 zone trust
set interface eth0/0 ip
set interface eth0/0 ntp-server

For more information, please refer to the ScreenOS 6.0 Release Notes.

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