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How do I transfer my training certifications to a new Partner company?

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When individuals leave one Partner to work with another Partner, they can transfer the Technical Training Certifications and Sales Certifications to the new Partner account. 

This article describes the procedure to transfer such certifications to the new Partner account.


How do I transfer my Juniper Partner Technical and Sales Training certifications to a new Partner company?


When individuals leave one Partner company to work at a different Partner company, they can retain and transfer their certifications to the new Partner account. To request the change in such a scenario, follow the below steps:

  1. Create a new Partner user account by using the new Juniper Partner 10-digit authorization code: User Registration. Refer to KB9946 - Create New User Login Account with Juniper Networks for assistance in setting up your new profile.

  2. After the new partner account is set up, log in to Juniper Networks Learning Academy with your latest Partner Center login credentials.

  3. To transfer certifications from an existing account to a new one, navigate to Learning Academy > My Certifications or click the following URL:

  4. Select the "Transfer certs from existing account" option.  

  5. Complete the form and submit. Your certifications will be transferred within 2 (two) business days.

Note: It is important to have the same business email address in your CertManager user account as the business email address for your Partner Center user account. This will enable us to link your technical certifications to your company profile moving forward. Do update your CertManager account to reflect your current business email address as well as your current company and VAR ID. You then have the flexibility to transfer the technical certifications to a new company.

For any questions or concerns about Partner Training Certifications, send us an email at

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