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What does the 'unknown pak' counter mean?

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What is the unknown pak counter actually counting?

The 'unknown pak' counter in the interface counter tables ('get counter stat' output) is for any packets with an Ethernet type that the firewall does not recognize.  Examples would be Spanning Tree or proprietary Cisco protocols that the firewall does not pass or is capable of reading.  When the firewall sees a packet with a Ethernet type it does not recognize, it will drop the packet and increment the 'unknown pak' counter.
See also:  KB8903 - What are the various Ethernet type packets supported on a Netscreen device?

Note:  For descriptions of other interface counters, refer to the Table of Screen, Hardware, and Flow Counters in the Concepts & Examples ScreenOS Reference Guide - Volume 3 - Administration:
  1. Go to the ScreenOS Documentation link
  2. Click your Release version
  3. Click the Concepts & Examples Reference Guide: Volume 3, Administration
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