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Recommended ScreenOS Software Versions

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JTAC recommended versions of ScreenOS software are listed to assist with determining which version of software to download and install. This article applies to the following devices:

  • SSG Series 
  • ISG Series
  • NS-5200/5400 Series

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I want to upgrade the software on my device.  What is the recommended ScreenOS version for my device?


JTAC recommends that customers use the latest maintenance release (revision) of the following ScreenOS versions recommended below in the table on their Juniper firewall/VPN device. These ScreenOS versions are considered to be the most mature and stable.

Please refer to the Release Notes in the ScreenOS Release 6.3.0 Software Documentation for the new features and known issues before upgrading.

Exceptions to this include:

A. JTAC has specifically recommended a version of ScreenOS to a customer that is different from what is listed.
B. Specific features are needed that are only available in another version of ScreenOS. In this case, please be sure to download the latest maintenance release.

Platform/ScreenOS JTAC Recommended
by Platform
JTAC Recommended
by Platform
NS-5200/5400 Management Board 2 Interface Cards:
8G2 & 2XGE
6.3.0 6.3.0
NS-5200/5400 Management Board 3 Interface Cards:
8G2-G4 & 2XGE-G4
ISG-1000 6.3.0
ISG-2000 6.3.0
SSG-5 6.3.0
SSG-20 6.3.0
SSG-140 6.3.0
SSG-320M 6.3.0
SSG-350M 6.3.0
SSG-520M 6.3.0 6.3.0
SSG-550M 6.3.0 6.3.0

For example, for the SSG-20, the 'Recommended ScreenOS' chart says 6.3.0. Therefore, on the ScreenOS - Download Software, select the SSG-20 > click the 'Software' tab > and then select the Release pull-down for 6.3.0.  In the list of Packages, select the latest maintenance release (i.e. 'r' release) for that 6.3.0 branch, which may be 6.3.0r9.  Maintenance releases contain bug fixes, not new features. It is best to get the latest 'r' release for the ScreenOS version recommended.

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Note:  This KB article replaces the page:

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