How to view the Latest Juniper Attack Object/Signature Updates via RSS Feed

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There is a way to search for vulnerabilities covered by Attack Object Updates by using the Signature Update RSS feed.


Customers may need to search for vulnerabilities and check whether they are covered in the Juniper attack object/signature updates for IDP.


The RSS feed can be added to your favorite RSS reader.

To subscribe to the RSS feed, use:
OR view the full list here:

RSS provides links such as the following, to see the details of each signature release:  (05/16/2019)

Note:  Firefox no longer includes an RSS Reader that can be used to subscribe to this URL.
Modification History:

2019-05-23: Removed Firefox RSS reader, which is no longer available.
2018-11-02: Due to Google Reader being decommissioned, updated entire article with generic instructions to add IDP RSS feed.

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