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What is the default admin password on NSMXPress?

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Knowledge Base ID: KB14172
Last Updated: 15 May 2009
Version: 1.0

NSMXpress has a default login which cannot be changed and a default password which can be changed when first booting the system.  The article provides the default admin id and password for a new or re-imaged NSMXPress system?

  • Cannot login as admin on a new NSMXPress appliance
  • What is the default login and password for NSMXpress?
  • What is the default root password for NSMXPress?
  • What is the default admin password for NSMXPress?

The default admin account on a brand new or re-imaged NSMXPress appliance has the following credentials:

Username: admin
Password: abc123

In order to obtain root privilege, use the command "sudo su -" en enter the password for the "admin" account above. 

Note: For additional security, there is no password set on the "root" account and sudo must always be used for root access.

If the default password does not work, please refer to KB11470 for instructions on how to reset the admin password.


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