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Unable to TFTP > 32 MB Data

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Trying to send session table to tftp server, and it transfers up to 32 MB, then times out

There is a limit to the maximum size of data that can be transferred via TFTP.  An enhancement was made to the bootloaders that will allow you to TFTP > 32 MB data.  The bootloaders capable of this include the following:

Platform Bootloader Version
SSG-5/20 1.3.2 (included with upgrade to ScreenOS 6.1.0)
SSG-140 3.2.4
SSG-320/350 3.0.6
SSG-520/550 1.0.5
NS-ISG-1000 1.0.2 (both IDP and non-IDP versions)
NS-ISG-2000 1.1.6 (both IDP and non-IDP versions)
NS-5000 1.0.3 (includes 5200/5400, M2A/M3A)

Note:  There is no upper limit to the size of the TFTP transfer when upgrading to the bootloader versions specified above.

Firewall devices running bootloader versions below the above have a maximum capacity of 32 MB for TFTP transfers.
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