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Device May Become Unmanageable after Enabling TCP Syslog

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Email alert, WebUI, SSL, Telnet, SSH, and Websense may not be possible after enabling Syslog via TCP
  • Syslog via TCP Transport

Following management services may become unavailable
  • Email alert
  • SSH management
  • WebUI
  • SSL management
  • Telnet Management
  • Websense
When syslog via TCP is enabled, and the amount of data being sent for logging to a syslog server is large, the TCP connection for syslog could consume large amounts of net-buffers and prevent management traffic from proceeding.  This can prevent the following services from functioning properly:
  • Email alerts
  • SSH management
  • WebUI
  • SSL management
  • Telnet management
  • Websense URL Filtering
The default, and recommended, setting for syslog is to use UDP transport.  If any of the above management services become unavailable, it is recommended to change syslog from TCP to UDP using the command:

unset syslog config "" transport

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