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[EX/SRX] Example - Back up/archive a configuration file to a remote server while executing commit

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This article describes the Junos OS configuration procedure for backing up a configuration file when a commit operation is executed. The file is then archived to a remote server.


The goal of this article is to describe how to back up/archive a configuration file to a remote server when executing a commit operation.


The following configuration shows how to back up and archive the Junos OS configuration file on an FTP server. On every commit applied from configuration mode, the EX /SRX device will transfer a copy of the configuration file to an ASCII file on the defined FTP server. The filename created on the FTP server contains the following:

  • hostname

  • date

  • time signature (timestamp)


system {
              archival {
                  configuration {
                          archive-sites {
                                  "ftp://username@<IP address of FTP server>" password <password>;

Note: Verify FTP server connectivity from the EX switch/SRX firewall to the FTP server prior to configuring archiving.

Modification History:

2019-10-11: SRX Series added to the Solution and Product category because the same config applies to SRX products as well

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