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What temporary license key options are available for Juniper Products?

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There are temporary, evaluation, or trial license key options available for many of the Juniper products.

  • Can I get an evaluation license for my product?

  • Does Juniper offer Temporary or Trial license keys?


The following list contains the type of evaluation/trial keys available:

Trial Subscriptions

KB9740 - What is the difference between a subscription and a license for the Juniper Firewall products?


ScreenOS Trial subscriptions are available for the Secure Services Gateway (SSG) and NetScreen Firewall/IPSec VPN series appliances and systems. ScreenOS version 5.3 or higher is required to support the trial subscriptions.

The Firewall appliances and systems will support trial license keys for Anti Virus, Deep Inspection, Anti Spam, and Web Filtering.

  • NS-25 and NS-50 - do not offer Anti Virus trial license keys.
  • NS-204 - Deep Inspection only
  • NS-208 -  Deep Inspection only
  • NS-500 - Deep Inspection only
  • NS-5200 / NS-5400 -  Deep Inspection only
Select Firewall/IPSec VPN to generate the trial subscription.

Note: Customer self-service SRX trials are no longer supported. Please contact your Juniper Sales Engineering (SE) or Partner for assistance obtaining evaluation license keys for SRX-Series hardware.

Trial License keys

Trial license keys are available from the Juniper Sales Engineer (SE) Manager and can be issued for a temporary duration.  Not all features are available for trials or evaluation. For Example, an Extended license upgrade, Capacity key, or VSYS license is not available as a temporary license key.

Trial or evaluation license keys are available for these systems and requires Account Team Approval:

  • PTX
  • QFX
  • EX
  • MX

In addition, trial keys are also available for virtual machine products such as vSRX, vMX, vQFX, RIFT. Please note that an active Juniper Networks user login is required to access the trial keys.

Select vSRXvMXvQFX  and RIFT to generate your trial key.

If you are new to Juniper Networks and wish to create your own user account login, refer to KB9946 - Create New User Login Account with Juniper Networks.

NOTE: Account team or Juniper SE approval is required for any demo or evaluation licensing.  Please contact your Juniper SE or Account team to request a trial or evaluation license key. 

If you need additional assistance please contact Customer Care.

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