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How do I report security threats to Juniper Networks?

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The Security Incident Response Team (SIRT) is the accountable and focal point team for all security vulnerabilities with or related to Juniper Networks products or services. The team’s role is to respond to and manage vulnerability reports from start to finish. SIRT also plays a support role for customer security incidents—ranging from DDOS attacks to full network penetrations.

This article provides information that can be used to report such security threats to the SIRT.


  • I need to talk to Juniper’s Security Incident Response Team (SIRT).
  • I have a potential vulnerability to report.



To report a security vulnerability or call SIRT, refer to the instructions provided by Juniper's Security Intelligence Center.


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2018-06-07: Added the link to the Report a Security Vulnerability page (Security Intelligence Center) in the Solution section; made other minor modifications (non-technical)
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