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Where are the terms and conditions for the End User Service Agreement?

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Where can I find guidelines and policies on the J-Care Essential End User Service Agreement?

  • Compliance requires documentation for the guidelines and policies of the J-Care Essential Services End User Support Agreement. 

  • Where are the terms and conditions with definitions located regarding service level agreements? 

  • The JTAC reference guide does not cover the terms and definitions for service level agreements and response times.


The following documents reference the Service Level Agreements (SLA) and Terms and Conditions for the J-Care Essential Services End User Service Agreement.

These documents outline the complete end-user support terms and conditions including definitions, support obligations, hardware repair and replacement, technical support, support fees, and terms and termination information.

J-Care Technical Services End-User Service Agreements (EUSA) are located here.

The most specific US contract Service Level Agreements are located here.

The JTAC User Guide has a breakdown of the information for new end users accessing the Customer Support Center (CSC) and Juniper Technical Assistance Center (JTAC).  Download the JTAC User Guide here.

If you need additional assistance, contact Customer Care to open a case.

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