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Where can I find the ECCN numbers for a product?

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ECCN (Export Control Classification Number) numbers are sometimes needed to ship products overseas from the U.S.  Where can I find the ECCN numbers for Juniper products?

I need to ship product overseas from the U.S and I am told an ECCN number is required.
Since ECCN numbers often change we are unable to post them online.

Please contact our Customer Care group to obtain the numbers.  Be sure to have the product, model number, and the serial numbers for the devices being shipped available.

For more information about ECCN please consult: 

To contact Customer Care to open a case.
  • Web (online):  Click Create Case, and choose the 'Customer Care Case' radio button.
  • Phone:   Call 1-888-314-JTAC ( 5822 ) (US and Canada) or 1-408-936-1572 (outside the United States).    Select Option 2.
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