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[EX-series] Switch Interface Range Command - Supported in 10.0 and above

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Knowledge Base ID: KB16354
Last Updated: 25 Aug 2011
Version: 2.0

This knowledge base (KB) article provides basic instructions for configuring the "Interface Range" command which was introduced in JUNOS Software 10.0 for the EX-series Switches.

Problem or Goal:


Configure a VLAN:

user@juniper# set vlans vlan10 vlan-id 10

Configuring the interface-range "test" to be a part of a vlan (vlan10):

user@juniper# set interfaces interface-range test unit 0 family ethernet-switching vlan members vlan10
Adding member interfaces (actual physical interface) to the interface range:
user@juniper# set interfaces interface-range test member-range ge-0/0/0.0 to ge-0/0/10

user@juniper# commit check
configuration check succeeds

user@juniper# commit
configuration check succeeds
commit complete

Verifying that all physical interfaces in range became part of the member vlan to which interface range 'test' was added:
user@juniper# run show vlans
Name Tag Interfaces
ge-0/0/11.0, ge-0/0/12.0, ge-0/0/13.0, ge-0/0/14.0,
ge-0/0/15.0, ge-0/0/16.0*, ge-0/0/17.0, ge-0/0/18.0,
ge-0/0/19.0, ge-0/0/20.0, ge-0/0/21.0, ge-0/0/22.0,
ge-0/0/23.0, ge-0/1/0.0
vlan10 10                                                                  <--------Interfaces ge-0/0/0 - ge-0/0/10 in vlan10
ge-0/0/0.0, ge-0/0/1.0, ge-0/0/2.0, ge-0/0/3.0,
ge-0/0/4.0, ge-0/0/5.0, ge-0/0/6.0, ge-0/0/7.0,
ge-0/0/8.0, ge-0/0/9.0, ge-0/0/10.0*

user@juniper# edit interfaces interface-range test

[edit interfaces interface-range test]
user@juniper# show
member-range ge-0/0/0 to ge-0/0/10;
unit 0 {
family ethernet-switching {
vlan {
members 10;


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