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End User with Partner (PAR) Support FAQ

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This article provides Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and answers that an end user with a Partner (PAR) support contract encounters.


Are you an end user with a Partner (PAR) support contract? Below are common questions and answers:

  • Don't have a login to the Juniper Support site?
    If you don't have a login, contact your Partner. Your Partner will set up your user ID.
    Then you can log in to the Juniper Support site to download software, access the Knowledge Center, and open non-technical Service Requests.

  • Product Registration and Install Base Management
    Juniper Networks auto registers newly purchased products based on the point of sale end customer information. Maintenance and accuracy of install base location or system configuration remains the sole responsibility of the partner or customer.

    Juniper Networks will not be held accountable for not meeting the hardware replacement service level agreement for products that do not have an accurate install base record. For more information see KB9917 - Install Base Management.
  • Need to download software?
    Log in to the Juniper Support site and select 'Download Software,' or go directly here: Download Software. If you get an access error when trying to download software, contact your Partner to have your user ID granted access.
  • Need technical support?
    Contact your Partner for technical support. If the problem needs to be escalated, then the Partner will contact Juniper Networks on your behalf. You can only open non-technical Service Request with Juniper Networks.
  • Need to initiate an RMA?
    Contact your Partner, and they will contact Juniper Networks on your behalf.
  • Require non-technical support?
    Open a Customer Care Admin Service Request with Juniper for non-technical support.

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