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[Junos Space] Resetting Admin password using a USB stick

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By default, the Admin account is used to access the Command Line Interface (CLI) of the appliance. When the password is forgotten, the old password must be cleared and a new password must be defined. This article describes how to clear the old password and define a new one.



Note: Try KB30506 - How to reset the CLI admin password on a Junos Space first where a USB stick is not required.

This article details a backup or alternate method.

When the appliance is initialized, the default login account is Admin and the password is abc123.

  1. Prepare a USB for booting an appliance by consulting the documentation on Junos Space installation.

  2. Connect a console device to the console port of the Junos Space appliance, and then plug the USB installation drive into the USB port.

  3. Physically power off the Junos Space appliance.

  4. Power the Junos Space appliance back on.

  5. At the boot prompt, type rescue-serial and press Enter:

  6. The system boots up from the USB and loads all the required drivers. After the drivers are loaded, the system will bring up a second window that lists the languages. Select English and press Enter.

  1. You are now prompted to set up networking. Because you are only resetting the password, you do not need to enable networking. Select the Tab key to highlight NO, and then press Enter.

  1. Rescue will locate and mount the installation. Select Continue to proceed.

  1. After the distribution is found, Rescue will mount it to the /mnt/sysimage directory. Select OK to continue.

  1. Change root to the normal disk instead of the USB image:

chroot /mnt/sysimage
  1. Change the password by using the normal password change command:

passwd admin


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2018-09-11: Added a note to the Solution section about KB30506 - How to reset the CLI admin password on a Junos Space and mentioned that this article suggests a backup or alternate method; other minor (non-technical) formatting changes made


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