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[SRX] How to upgrade Junos OS on a Chassis Cluster

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This article explains how to upgrade Junos OS on SRX Chassis Cluster.

  • SRX is in a cluster
  • Junos OS upgrade must be done on both nodes in the Chassis Cluster


SRX devices in a Chassis Cluster have a requirement to not have different version of Junos OS on each node of a cluster.  Because of this, we need to ensure that both devices in the cluster come online at the same time. The recommended procedure requires CLI access (either via console, Telnet, or SSH):

  1. Install the software on each cluster member (on node0 and node1), using the CLI command (but don't reboot):
      request system software add <JUNOS package> no-copy unlink

              unlink - (Optional) On J Series Services Routers and SRX devices,this option ensures that the software package is removed
                                                at the earliest opportunity in order to make room for the installation to be completed.    

              Note: Don't reboot until you have performed the above command on each cluster member.

       2.  Simultaneouslyenter the following command on each node:

       request system reboot

Note:  This procedure cannot be used via J-Web.

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