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[JSA/STRM] What ports are used for HA communication?

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JSA can be set up in a high availability (HA) environment (active-standby) since version 2009.2.


What ports need to be opened on devices between the HA members in order for communication to occur?


The appropriate ports may not be open between HA members.


Between the primary and the secondary HA members, the following ports (bidirectional) need to be open:

  • ICMP between two hosts
  • TCP port 22 for ssh
  • UDP port 6543 for the heartbeat in versions 2013.2 and earlier
  • UDP port 10101 and 10102 for the heartbeat in versions 2014 and later
  • TCP port 7789 for drbd (data replication)

If these ports are not open, JSA cannot be set up in an HA environment.

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