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How to check MD5 checksum on a JUNOS install package

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Juniper provides an MD5 hash of JUNOS install packages on it's web site. This KB explains how we can confirm that a JUNOS install package downloaded from website is not modified in any way.

Solution: provides a link to JUNOS installation packages for different products. One such example is for JUNOS 10.1 as follows:

1. As an example, download M-series, MX-series and T-series Install Package for 10.1R1.8 onto the Juniper router.

lab@A> file list jinstall*

2. Run below CLI command to calculate file checksum

lab@A> file checksum md5 /var/home/lab/jinstall-10.1R1.8-domestic-signed.tgz
MD5 (/var/home/lab/jinstall-10.1R1.8-domestic-signed.tgz) =

3. Compare above MD5 hash output with MD5 hash provided on the below page:

4. Similarly you can also calculate sha1 and sha-256 checksum of a file
lab@A> file checksum ?
Possible completions:
  md5                  Calculate MD5 checksum of a file
  sha-256              Calculate SHA-256 checksum of a file
  sha1                 Calculate SHA1 checksum of a file

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