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[ScreenOS] Devices that support the 'save boot' command

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What devices can the save boot command be used on?
I have found no references to the save boot command in the ScreenOS documentation. Can you tell me what it is used for, and can I use it to upgrade the boot loader on the ISG2000?
The save boot command is a command that can save the boot loader to flash when upgrading the boot loader via the CLI. However, it is limited on the devices where it can be run.

For example, below is the output when the command is run on an ISG-2000:
nsisg2000-> save boot from tftp \screenos\bootloader\load2000v116.d to flash
This CLI only works on SSG300/500!
Therefore, this method can only be used to upgrade the boot loader on SSG300 and SSG500 series devices only.

For more information about what method can be used to upgrade the boot loader on your device, please refer to the Upgrade Guide:
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