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[SRX] What does jnxFruOfflineReason mean in the chassisd_snmp_trap10 message?



Article ID: KB19695 KB Last Updated: 20 Dec 2017Version: 3.0
This article provides information about the meaning of jnxFruOfflineReason in the chassisd_snmp_trap10 message. This message, a SNMP trap message, is found in the chassisid file when FPC is offline; it provides the reason for the offline status.

The following message is logged in the chassisd file when the FPC is offline:
Dec 28 17:15:50 CHASSISD_SNMP_TRAP10: SNMP trap generated: FRU power off (jnxFruContentsIndex 8, jnxFruL1Index 1, jnxFruL2Index 1, jnxFruL3Index 0, jnxFruName node0 PIC: 8x 1GE-TX 4x 1GE-SFP @ 0/0/*, jnxFruType 11, jnxFruSlot 0, jnxFruOfflineReason 8, jnxFruLastPowerOff 2519258, jnxFruLastPowerOn 89379)
In this case, it is due to  the SFB/SPC hsl2 link error that causes the fabric link failure. The secondary node is disabled and all FPCs except SPC are offline with the above reason.

The jnxFruOfflineReason are as follows:

Note: You can find it in the Juniper mibs/mib-jnx-chassis.txt file, that can be downloaded from the following link:

        unknown(1),	                -- unknown or other
        none(2),	                -- none	
        error(3),      	                -- error 
        noPower(4),	                -- no power  
        configPowerOff(5),              -- configured to power off
        configHoldInReset(6),           -- configured to hold in reset
        cliCommand(7),                  -- offlined by cli command
        buttonPress(8),                 -- offlined by button press
        cliRestart(9),                  -- restarted by cli command
        overtempShutdown(10),           -- overtemperature shutdown
        masterClockDown(11),            -- master clock down
        singleSfmModeChange(12),        -- single SFM mode change
        packetSchedulingModeChange(13), -- packet scheduling mode change
        physicalRemoval(14),            -- physical removal
        unresponsiveRestart(15),        -- restarting unresponsive board
        sonetClockAbsent(16),           -- sonet out clock absent
        rddPowerOff(17),                -- RDD power off
        majorErrors(18),                -- major errors
        minorErrors(19),                -- minor errors
        lccHardRestart(20),             -- LCC hard restart
        lccVersionMismatch(21),         -- LCC version mismatch
        powerCycle(22),                 -- power cycle
        reconnect(23),                  -- reconnect
        overvoltage(24),                -- overvoltage
        pfeVersionMismatch(25),         -- PFE version mismatch
        febRddCfgChange(26),            -- FEB redundancy cfg changed
        fpcMisconfig(27),               -- FPC is misconfigured
        fruReconnectFail(28),           -- FRU did not reconnect
        fruFwddReset(29),               -- FWDD reset the fru
        fruFebSwitch(30),               -- FEB got switched
        fruFebOffline(31),              -- FEB was offlined
        fruInServSoftUpgradeError(32),  -- In Service Software Upgrade Error
        fruChasdPowerRatingExceed(33),  -- Chassis power rating exceeded
        fruConfigOffline(34),           -- Configured offline
        fruServiceRestartRequest(35),   -- restarting request from a service
        spuResetRequest(36),            -- SPU reset request
        spuFlowdDown(37),               -- SPU flowd down
        spuSpi4Down(38),                -- SPU SPI4 down
        spuWatchdogTimeout(39),         -- SPU Watchdog timeout
        spuCoreDump(40),                -- SPU kernel core dump
        fpgaSpi4LinkDown(41),           -- FPGA SPI4 link down
        i3Spi4LinkDown(42),             -- I3 SPI4 link down
        cppDisconnect(43),              -- CPP disconnect
        cpuNotBoot(44),                 -- CPU not boot
        spuCoreDumpComplete(45),        -- SPU kernel core dump complete
        rstOnSpcSpuFailure(46),         -- Rst on SPC SPU failure
        softRstOnSpcSpuFailure(47),     -- Soft Reset on SPC SPU failure
        hwAuthenticationFailure(48),    -- HW authentication failure
        reconnectFpcFail(49),           -- Reconnect FPC fail
        fpcAppFailed(50),               -- FPC app failed
        fpcKernelCrash(51),             -- FPC kernel crash
        spuFlowdDownNoCore(52),         -- SPU flowd down, no core dump
        spuFlowdCoreDumpIncomplete(53), -- SPU flowd crash with incomplete core dump
        spuFlowdCoreDumpComplete(54),   -- SPU flowd crash with complete core dump
        spuIdpdDownNoCore(55),          -- SPU idpd down, no core dump
        spuIdpdCoreDumpIncomplete(56),  -- SPU idpd crash with incomplete core dump
        spuIdpdCoreDumpComplete(57),    -- SPU idpd crash with complete core dump
        spuCoreDumpIncomplete(58),      -- SPU kernel crash with incomplete core dump
        spuIdpdDown(59),                -- SPU idpd down
        fruPfeReset(60),                -- PFE reset
        fruReconnectNotReady(61),       -- FPC not ready to reconnect
        fruSfLinkDown(62)               -- FE - Fabric links down

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