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[WX] Communication behavior of Primary Registration Server with Secondary Registration Server

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How Primary Registration Server (WXC) communicates with Secondary registration server
This article explains about communication of WXC Primary Registration server with Secondary Registration Server.
To configure the Secondary Registration server, refer to the section, “Configuring Registration Servers and Communities“ in the WXOS 5.7 Admin guide.  (See

Initial connections from the Primary Registration Server to the Secondary Registration Server uses SSL over TCP port 3578. The Registration Servers (Primary & Secondary) use this port to authenticate one another.

After establishing a connection with Secondary Registration Server, the Primary Registration Sever sends its configuration data using SSL over TCP port 3577.

The Primary Registration Server communicates with the Secondary Registration Server every 1 hour and updates the Secondary Registration Server with its Registration Server community database.

This is a one way communication. The Primary Registration Server communicates to the Secondary Registration Server. The vice-versa doesn’t happen.

Once the Secondary Registration server is configured, the IP address of it is automatically configured in the WXC devices.

Below is the screen shot of how you can check the Secondary Registration IP Address from the WXC GUI:

Note: There is no option in the WXC GUI to configure the Secondary IP address (other than the Primary Registration Server).

You can also verify the same using the following CLI Command:

WXC# show reg-ser
Registration server:
Secondary registration server:
Connection timeout (seconds): 2
Connections retry count: 1
Self registration frequency: 8-hours

Refer to the following article for tips to additionally consider:
KB20119 - Factors to be considered while registering a new WXC to the Secondary Registration server when the Primary Registration Server is unreachable

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