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[SRX] Unable to get logs to NSM from Chassis Cluster in stream mode logging

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Unable to send logs to NSM from SRX Chassis Cluster when logging configured in stream mode.
The SRX3600 Chassis Cluster is added to NSM via fxp0 . The device is required to send logs to NSM  in stream mode .

The NSM is only able to see the system logs & not the traffic logs.

NSM can only receive the stream mode logs when modified as follows (valid for 2011.1 onwards):
To configure the DMI device to send the logs to NSM using stream mode, edit the /var/netscreen/DevSvr/devSvr.cfg file and set the devSvr.enableSyslogOverUdp parameter to true:
devSvr.enableSyslogOverUdp true

Complete steps can be seen at page 767 of the following article:
The route visible for NSM on the SRX cluster is via fxp0.
>show route      *[Direct/0] 1d 13:46:06
The stream mode stands for sending of logs from the data plane to the remote host without reaching the Routing Engine.
On the other hand, fxp0 is a non-routable interface which enables remote user to reach the Routing Engine.

So when we try to send the stream mode logs via fxp0, it fails .
The requirement can only be achieved if the device is reachable to NSM via a revenue port [not fxp0].

Additionally you need to send logs to NSM on port 5140. The partial configuration is shown as follows:
root#show security log
mode stream;
stream NSM {
     host {;
         port 5140;
In the above configuration, the NSM IP is considered to, and the SRX IP is .

If you need to get the logs via fxp0, then you need to configure the device in event mode as shown in the following article: KB16643
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